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Medication Synchronization

Redfield Pharmacy is one of more than 75 locally-owned community pharmacies throughout Arkansas enhancing patient care by participating in a unique 9-month medication adherence program sponsored by the Arkansas Pharmacists Association, National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) and Pfizer.

The program is measuring the effectiveness of medication synchronization, which helps to improve patients’ adherence to their monthly maintenance medications by filling all maintenance medications on the same day each month. In addition, the program includes frequent communications with our patients to help to identify any problems with therapy, or other issues that arise, such as a hospitalization, between filling cycles. The program helps to keep patients consistently taking their life-saving medications through patient counseling, synchronized refills, and refill reminders.

  • We will sync all your prescriptions to start and stop on the same day each month
  • This will save you multiple trips to and from the pharmacy each month
  • Our pharmacy will manage your medication changes at this point
  • We do all the work associated with coordinating your fills with you and your insurance company

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